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Hi! I'm Roslyn

I’m a wife and mom whose day job consists of handling real estate deals, creating businesses and protecting brands.  I have an affinity for couture designs, a passion for fitness and healthy foods and a love for music and philanthropy.  


I have been helping my clients with corporate, real estate and IP (copyright/trademark) matters for over 18 years.  Early into my career, I discovered that my practice significantly increased my stress and anxiety levels and I had to find a healthy way to reduce the negative effects and create a happy medium between work and life.  I have a 17 year classical dance background and after taking a few yoga and pilates classes, I had an "ah ha" moment!  I decided to create a new form of fitness which fused pilates, yoga and ballet called PIYOLET which launched in 2006.  PIYOLET has turned into an internationally recognized fitness form and lifestyle encompassing all aspects of health and wellness. 


Music is the heart and soul of my creative spirit and I recently began delving into a more classical approach to my vocal training.  Last, but, certainly not least, I believe that those who have been blessed with gifts have an obligation to give of their time, talent and treasures to the causes that speak to them.  The Downtown Group, Hermann Park Conservancy and The Health Museum are my current passion projects/organizations which positively impact the community or its members.   Most of all, I believe in living a life of infinite possibilities.    

My goal is to motivate, educate and spark a mindset of health, wellness and love in every area of people’s lives.

RoKi Design, LLC


For Legal Assistance:

Roslyn Y. Bazzelle

Senior Counsel

Weycer, Kaplan, Pulaski & Zuber, PC

11 Greenway Plaza Suite 1400

Houston, TX 77046

(713) 961-9045

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