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3 Low Calorie Healthy Desserts!

I don't know about you, but, I LOVE DESSERTS! Clearly, that's a struggle in my quest to maintain a healthy lifestyle for my self as well as my family. I thought about the best ways to curb my craving for sugar in a way that was more beneficial to my body and I came up with these three healthy desserts that are fun, easy and family friendly. I recently saw this quote, "[a]lways remember, STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards . ." so, lets stop being so stressed out and make some delish desserts that don't max out our calorie count for the day. The ingredients for each dessert is as follows:

Banana Pudding Bowl

Approximately 230 cals per serving

1/2 banana sliced

1/2 1 ounce snack size bag of mini nilla wafers

1 Jell-O original vanilla pudding snack

1 shake of cinnamon

Strawberry & Cream Bowl

Approximately 215 cals per serving

4-5 strawberries sliced

5.3 oz vanilla greek yogurt

1 graham cracker

1 shake of cinnamon

Apple & Cream Bowl

Approximately 160 cals per serving

1/2 of a medium sized apple sliced and steamed

1 graham cracker

1 shake of cinnamon

Redi Wip whipped cream

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