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8 Ways to Wear Your Scarves

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Whether you are on capitol hill legislating like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who so famously adorns scarves while fighting for justice or attending a gala like Houston socialite Yvonne Cormier who wore a Kermit Oliver Hermès scarf with one of her amazing Oscar De La Renta gowns, scarves are a wonderful addition to any outfit. Scarves have historically been viewed as a symbol of power and prestige. From the 19th and 20th century women have worn and used scarves to signify a political statement, for modesty and most commonly in Western society as a fashion accessory. The most well known and prestigious scarf atelier is Hermès of Paris, which has been offering scarves since 1937. However, several other luxury retailers produce scarves in their annual collections, including, Chanel, Fendi and Gucci. A scarf can create a unique style to your look and it has an uncommon versatility as an accessory for all occasions and all ages. So, go grab those scarves that are gathering dust in the bottom of your closet or drawers and try one of my 8 ways to wear your beautiful scarf!

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