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A Cure For the High Heel Blues

SHOE LOVERS!!!! Are you with me?? I have to confess, high heeled shoes are one of my obsessions! I love the way they look and when I wear them, they make me feel taller and slim. However, my feet would definitely disagree with that perspective. Growing up taking dance lessons, gymnastics and being a part of a high stepping dance troop during my marching band days left this sister with some pretty worn-out feet. I wouldn’t dare wear an open toed sandal or shoe for many years and I recall being out of law school when the damage I had done in my early years was no longer obviously visible. As a result of all of this and given my current age, it’s very difficult for me to wear high heels for more than a few hours. So, when I randomly ran into my friend Vanessa (who also happens to be a foot doctor) at Weights & Measures restaurant on a Saturday morning, I was super excited to find out that she had a cure for my high heel blues!!!!! Who would have thunk it!! That something typically known as an injectable to reduce the signs of aging by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles can also pump the pad of your foot back up to its youthful consistency which allows you to get more miles out of those Loubou’s. I immediately booked an appointment with Dr. Barrow to get my first foot boost and was so excited to see and feel the results. I was a bit apprehensive when I arrived at her office, since I’m not a fan of needles or doctor visits, but, Dr. Barrow took time to get me comfortable. She answered all of my questions and was extremely informative. Check out the video to see how it went! For additional information about the procedure and Dr. Barrow, please visit her website at:

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