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Ave Maria

Ave Maria is one of my moms favorite songs! I dedicate this song to her on this mother's day! I wish all of my moms, my sisters and friends as well as all the mommas, mimis, yen yens, nanas, memaws, yayas, madres, mas and omas, which are the amazing women who have touched the lives of so many a wonderful and blessed mother's day! All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother--Abraham Lincoln

Ave Maria

Virgin of the sky

Sovereign of thanksgiving and loving mother

Accept the fervent prayer of everybody

Do not refuse

To this lost person of mine, love

Truce in his pain!

My lost soul turns to you

And full of repentment, humbles at your feet

It invokes you and waits for the true peace

That only you can give

Ave Maria

Ave Maria, full of thanksgiving

Maria, full of thanksgiving

Maria, full of thanksgiving

Ave Ave God

Your God

Be blessed among the women

And blessed

And blessed be the product of your womb

Your womb, Jesus.

Ave Maria.

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