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Hat Rules & How to Restyle Your Hat or Fascinator

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

In the past I was never a big fan of hats. I spend too much time and money on hair care and putting a hat on top of my tresses (which would become a huge sweatband by the end of the day) was just not the best idea in my mind (black girl hair issues). However, I’ve completely changed my view and actually look forward to attending hat related events (which we have a lot of in Houston). The fun part is selecting the perfect hat for the day and I love to restyle them for a fresh look. I didn’t actually purchase a nice hat for an event until about 9 years ago when we attended a local fundraiser at the Houston Polo Club. Since that time, I’ve slowly accumulated a relatively large collection of hats and fascinators, many of which have been re-styled a few times for different events.

For the spring and summer months, it’s time to pull out your best hair accessory! This new video hits on the 4 major hat rules and provides tips on how to restyle an old hat or fascinator. Don't throw it away, join me and grab a glue gun, ribbon and some flowers and we can create a restyled fantastic hat for your next hatfabulous event!

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