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Houston We Have A Problem: Tips & Tricks to Fix A Fashion Fail

I can’t zip it up – Have you ever purchased something that looked like the perfect dress, at the perfect price and “what you thought” was the perfect size, just to find out when you try it on for the first time you can’t even zip it up and it’s non-returnable, since it was a clearance item. When fashion fails you, this is what you can do –

a. look for extra fabric on the interior of the dress or at the hem that you can modify or relocate to fix the problem areas.

b. no extra fabric? Depending on the fabric and color, pick up something similar or a complimentary fabric to add to the dress. Block color dresses are hot right now, so try adding a contrasting color in a fashionable way which creates a new look and style for the dress.

c. Add a jacket or cute top over the dress to hide the zipper. If you try this make sure you add a safety pin or have someone sew you into the dress to keep the zipper from moving from its position

c. Pray for A Miracle? pray the lord will deliver you from sugar, processed foods and bread allowing you to drop 5-10 pounds before the big day?? Bad idea, this one never works . . .

d. Be a Blessing - worst case, if you can’t fix it, bless someone else with it! this would be a great opportunity for you to sell or donate it to a great cause

Fashion Fail to Fabulous!! Dress - Costarellos Shoes - Christian Louboutin