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My Adventure Into the World of Chanel

I'm so excited to take you with me on my adventure into the world of Chanel to attend to the exclusive preview of the 2018 Spring Summer Collection. Chanel is a luxury brand that represents the quintessential look of class and elegance. I have been a collector of Chanel accessories and goods for many years. Their products are timeless, beautifully made and the essence of haute couture. Those who love fashion as much as I do, understand how much joy and elation comes with getting an opportunity to take a 1st look at a designers line for the season. Just to have a chance to touch, see and feel the pieces that you have seen going down the runway is so fun!

You could definitely feel the exhilaration when you entered the store! I’m not sure if it was the amazing DJ hitting all the hot beats, the fabulous attendees adorned in Chanel from head to toe or the bubbly which was circulating throughout the room. It was also a #blackgirlmagic happy moment seeing Nicole Rose the lovely new Boutique Director run the show! I had to get the intel on the new line so I talked Alissa Koller, a Lead Buyer for Chanel’s Ready To Wear retail fashion division and she walked me through the collection -

I would sum up the new line as being: eco artistic and nature inspired with a unique almost technically advanced fusion of the trademarked chanel tweed fabric blended with a fun and flirty fringe or metallic threads running through the material like intricate electric lines. Many of the pieces created the look of a waterfall effect which was one of the main features from the runway show along with several other natural elements all of which have been beautifully incorporated into the collection.

Overall, it was a fantastic night with wonderful people, food and fashions!

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