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PIYOLET Balance & Strength Warrior 3 Sequence

This combination of Warrior 3, standing split and a twisting stretch, is one of my favorite sequences to include in my regular PIYOLET (Pilates Yoga Ballet) classes. This move improves your balance, strengthens the core and stretches the muscles in an amazing way. It is a full body exercise, which engages the mind, body and breath that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Try it out and let me know what you think!! I would love to get your feedback :o) To view all videos I have posted, you can also visit my YouTube Channel at

Disclaimer: Before you begin any exercise program, and before you follow any of the advice, instructions, or any other recommendations, you should first consult with your doctor and have a physical examination. The recommendations, instructions and advice contained herein are in no way intended to replace or to be construed as medical advice and are offered for informational purposes only.

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