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RoKi? "Nu Boule Archousai Scarf" the Piece de Resistance!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

And so it began . . . with the “Nu Boule’ 2019 Archousai Scarf” the piece de resistance of RoKi Design. This beautiful scarf created through a collaboration between RoKi and Jessica Dunegan was the design which created a new business venture for Roslyn called RoKi Design, LLC. It represents the RoKi inaugural work produced for the Sigma Pi Phi regional conference in Houston, TX. RoKi Design is a company which sells luxury custom silk scarves and silk accessories. The "Ro" of RoKi stands for Roslyn, co-founder of the company with Kimberly Phipps-Nichol.

RoKi Design specializes in fulfilling a purpose, connecting with people and re-purposing goods for the home, as accessories or as apparel. PURPOSE - Represents our custom line of scarves created to fulfill a purpose and support an organization which benefits the community. These scarves are custom creations made to tell a story in a new and meaningful way. PEOPLE - Represents our line of limited edition exclusive scarves created by a diverse group of amazing artists from all over the world. RE-PURPOSED - Represents our line of re-purposed vintage silk scarves that are custom sewn into beautiful pillows, tops or accessories for both men and women. For additional information about Roslyn visit:

You can contact RoKi at and visit:

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