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Why We Took Our Son To See The Black Panther Movie

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

I have to admit, I was initially hesitant for us to take our son to see the Black Panther movie. The movie is rated PG-13 and he is 7 years old and although he loves super heroes he still prefers cartoons over “people movies”. However, after hearing all the amazing feedback from friends and family about the movie, I knew we had to take him to see it. For my generation, the Black Panther movie is something we have been waiting to see for a very, very long time. It is the first major film to feature and star a majority African / African American cast with a “dark brown” (as my son would say) super hero. We wanted him to feel elated and proud to see the Black Panther in action! As excited as I was for him to view and experience the movie with us, he didn’t necessarily display or understand the significance of its message. He was born in 2010 with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama representing our nation. His books and the television shows’ he watches have diverse characters and feature African American children and families as doctors, scientists, lawyers and professionals in all areas. In fact, my son views the people of the world in shades of brown, not in black and white. Overall, he enjoyed the movie, but, views it as the norm and not the exception. It makes my heart happy to know that his lens is a true perception of what our nation does and should represent. Notwithstanding, I know that we will eventually need to have a conversation with him about what it really means to be “black” in a world of brown. In time, I am certain that he will grow to understand and appreciate how significant this movie is for us and why it means so much to so many. The Black Panther movie has created a sense of pride and excitement for our African heritage, which I hope will inspire all to treat everyone equal, since we are truly “more alike than we are different”.

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